Just a few thoughts this morning perfection is often sought by the many and achieved by the few. I am a mechanical thought stripper as I like to get thoughts down to their rawest form. Why do I seek perfection and then when it doesn’t materialise every time I feel disappointed.

Let’s examine why perfection or the high standard that I want to achieve is a perception of my own reality. I want everything to be 100% but the evidence has been consistently over the years that is impossible for me personally to achieve a consistency of 100 % .I can put 100% effort in but not achieve full marks in some task. What is a good result for one may not be a good result for another.

Look at your own individual thought patterns, is good enough truly good enough or are you on that on unrealistic path of seeking perfection. To your own self be true, look at your ways of approaching things consistency of application will bring in a set of results, if the results aren’t what you want look at the method of application and adjust them to suit your level of expectation. You are after all looking for a better feeling from your efforts so pick your ingredients for this process carefully.

What has inspired these thoughts is a recent assignment where I got 97% in something, that is 3% off perfection so I felt the need to check why I hadn’t achieved it. Careful analysis showed that 1 mark had been dropped as an oversight and I hadn’t fully understood the question the other couple of marks dropped were not quite finding the information I wanted to articulate my thoughts. Did it affect my overall pride in achieving a distinction in this unit, did it heck.

You see one of my flaws has always been I struggle with compliments and have readily accepted criticism. This is ok when you are getting the results from your thoughts that suit your inner narrative. However when your thoughts and actions don’t achieve the the results you desire the need for change becomes apparent.

What I have learnt over the years is the way you manage your mind is down to you and you alone. You will always react to the stimulus that is going on around you and that will form the basis of your thoughts. Tell yourself something, act on it and it becomes real. Ask yourself what are you telling yourself that you can or cannot do because it becomes true and you then write a programme to make it real.

My thought process used to be if I accept compliments it is a long way to fall when I inevitably don’t achieve perfection 100 % of the time. An insult or a perceived failure was used in a different way because if I got something wrong I could learn from it and apply it next time, I could only rise up from a loss. These days I have a slightly different perception let insults and compliments occupy the same amount of time in your head brief. Move on regardless and live in the now moment as life is ever changing. Don’t seek something that evidence shows that you are unlikely to achieve don’t use your precious life’s hours focussing on things you did wrong or that you lack. Equally don’t seek validation or permission from others to live your own true life. Own everything about yourself take personal responsibility for everything that you do. Your life you own it.

In my eclectic mind there are boxes containing nuggets of information that are waiting for a way of them being brought to a light. Every now and again my mind will wander off task and I will revert to an old way of doing something I will then achieve an old result. What I want to assure that it is ok to have off days, just remember to check in with yourself regularly, what once seemed like fun has it become a chore, are you still on target and fully focussed on your goals and aspirations or have you gone off wandering. My final thoughts for today are, perfection can be achieved in your own world if you accept that it doesn’t always have to have that magical figure of 100. 97/100 is perfect for me because it was realistically achievable because I did it.

What is your perfect score?

Found this little prayer and it resonated with me:Make me wise so that I may understand the things I have been taught. I seek strength not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy- myself. Have a peaceful day.

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