Love Yourself First.

I wrote a post this morning on facebook it simply said on valentines day send a wish to the person who is with you constantly and if you are not sure who that is look in the mirror. One of the comments received said that they had confidence problems and that they thought they were rubbish at everything they did. Probably without realising it by airing a problem they had opened themselves up to a solution.

The mind is a very complex thing and needs both structure and guidance as well as an element of freedom to allow oneself the chance to create and use that wonderful imagination that we have been gifted with. The conscious mind deals with the structure and follows instructions, the unconscious mind deals with the imagination and creativity side of things. The problem with the unconscious mind is that it doesn’t concern itself with fact or fiction it is the diva that thrives on the attention. The problem that occurs is that the unconscious mind is where we store the instruction manual for our existence, policy and procedures are laid out for us to follow if we so wish. The unconscious mind doesn’t question it just believes what it is told so quite simply put it believes anything that it is told.

You are made of up of the conscious and unconscious mind and if you tell yourself you are not confident you won’t be, if you tell yourself you aren’t good enough etc that is what you become not good enough. The procedure is then laid down if not challenged and the mind just follows that instruction.

How do you change that, well by realising that you can change the thought and rewire the brain. Change the way you speak to yourself, relay different instructions to the unconscious mind. Tell yourself you expect better, seek out people who can help you, talk to people of a like mind and notice how your energy feels around people who think like you and want to help lift your spirits.

How does that feel to have that support and upliftment around you pretty good I would assume. Now if I told you that upliftment and a better feeling can be around you all the time many might argue but what if I am right ? What if you started to tell yourself a different story, that you are confident, you are good enough. What if you started to believe a different version of a long recited story. You can change the ending yes you, you have that power within. Don’t believe me then just look in the mirror and tell the person looking back, do you know what thank you, you have always been there. I know you always have my back. I don’t always have all the answers but I want to bring in that change. Self respect self confidence and self love comes from within. Be that change you want to make in your life.

Go on do something new, yes you are worth it , look in that mirror and say to your life’s partner reflection I love you. I always think like the old saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Good luck on your journey and happy valentines day.

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